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CSI: Reality Check

May 12, 2018

This week on CSI: Reality Check Grissom, Catherine, and Warrick investigate the murder of a high school bully. Warrick has a new fancy toy that he wants Grissom to buy for the lab. Nick and Sarah are called to the desert for a body found in a bag. Sarah learns just how smelly decomp can be, but also meets a...

May 5, 2018

This week on CSI: Reality Check Grissom goes up against the Sheriff when he investigates a death at the new prison construction site. Nick & Catherine investigate the death of young patient in a doctor's home. We learn that Nick is driven to solve the case by something in his past. 

Oct 14, 2017

This week on CSI: Reality Check Grissom and Catherine investigate a missing woman and a creepy message left on a door. Nicky is requested to investigate an assault involving a familiar face. And Warrick & Sara don't play well together while working a murder that seems suspicious from the start. 

Jul 24, 2017

Meet Criminalists Jordan and Night Shift Paige! We discuss how this podcast came about, how we became criminalists, and ask the question every fan of CSI wants answered: Who are you?